Bonnie Meltzer
crocheted social fabric

a series that uses computer parts for their beauty, their structure and for their symbolism

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Women's Work
wire crocheted with floppy disk parts, cords, bobbins and an old mother board,
58 x 30 x 2

In Women’s Work, the apron, the sewing bobbins and crochet are symbols of traditional women’s work. Floppy disk parts shout that high tech is women’s work, too. The use of the mother board was no accident.

Fish or Fowl
wire crocheted over a core of computer cords
Chance Connection
wire crocheted over a core of computer and phone cords, beads
31 x 34 x 4

Chance Connection was used as the poster image, TV ad, and invitation for the 2015 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.

crocheted electronics wire sculpture
Coil it Up!
wire crocheted around a core of computer and phone cords, "gold leafed" wooden base that allows it to be hung on a wall.
25 x 29 x 11
crocheted wire sculpture.......,,,..
found object sculpture
Chaos Contained
wire and found objects o a wood base
21 x 21 x 5