Bonnie Meltzer
very mixed media
. . .

Meltzer can make unique awards with the specialized found objects that match your industry or organization. Bring her artifacts and she can incorporate them into a meanigful award fit for a table or wall. Her work is especially suited for green awards and for awards to do with technology.
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computer parts, beads, and other found objects on painted and collaged wood
29 x 19 x 1

Retirement Gift for Intel department head who designed many of the computer parts in this piece. The title comes fron the objects that show his personal history with Intel and the history of computer hardware. Other objects are from the artists collection including hard disks from different periods, lock washers, resistors, circuit boards, copper board (drilled but not filled), and a typewriter ball. Beads and the resistors were imbedded in the paint.

unique artist made green award

2008 Travel Portland green Award presented to The City of Portland, Office of Sustainability.

All maerials are found objects including bicycle maps, toy garbage truck, phones, electric switches., reflectors, lenses, computer parts. The box structure was housing for a hard drive.

ceremonial gift artwork......
Ode To Science
closed and detail of inside.

Presented to the National Science Foundation at their 50th birthday celebration. Given by the Oregon Graduate Institute .

open 18 x 48 x 6
closed 18 x 24 x

a triptych form was chosen because of its versatility to sit on a desk or hang on a wall. A triptych is often used in religious paintings, and connotes reverence. The inscription is inside the large circle, a very old hard disk.

ceremonial gift artwork
computer parts, crocheted wire, copper, on painted wood
44 x 54 x 4

Commissioned by the 2000 graduates of the first Executive MBA class at the University of Washington School of business. it includes photos of class members. The building metaphor was used to exemplfy the concepts of building a business, building a career and building a life. The word building has many meanings. All of them came into play when the piece was designed--a place where work is done, constructing, making, producing, fabricating, molding, manufacturing.

artist made green awards to companies that support the arts

Northwest Busiiness for Culture & the Arts Awards for top doners to the arts
antique mother boards and other found objects. Award were of different colors wmbellished with a variety of found objects.
The award on the right was for key bank so used a key motif.
Closed" 9 x 6, opened 6 x 12

below, exerpt from the Daily Journal of Commerce