Bonnie Meltzer
very mixed media
. .

The graceful shapes of musical instruments lend themselves to making figurative sculpture. The mechanic parts are also useful for details. No usable or fixable insturments were used.
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Fishing for Inspiration
painted and collaged cello, crocheted wire, beads, 45 rpm record and other found objects
29 x 16 x 5

"As an artist who is always looking for ideas I am still amazed that sometimes an idea jumps out of my coffee cup or pops into my head like an old song."

Electronic Band Uniform
painted and collaged cello, crocheted wire, found objects
30 x 16 x 3

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Viola as a Young Musician
painted violin and piano parts, castanets, and other found objects, crocheted wire with beads
24 X 10 X 4

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