Bonnie Meltzer
very mixed media
. . . . . .

In a companion to the Clothes Sculpture series Bonnie Meltzer uses real clothes adhered to canvas to tap personal stories and identity issues.
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Black Stockings
stockings, lace, acrylic paint on canvas
25 x 20 x 1

slip, pencil, acrylic paint on canvas
26 x 24 x 1

Some of the text says:
"I still wear a slip. Who wears a slip anymore? Not many. One has to wear a shirt or a dress --but who does that anymore either? . . . the silky fabric against skin and a connection with the past."

Weekday Ties
ties, buttons, acrylic paint on canvas
25 x 28 x 2

The text at the bottom says:
"The best part of retirement is not wearing a tie".

Packed Clothes
Choli with mirrored fabric, maps, handle, acrylic paint on canvas
Is she bringing home an exotic garment from a trip or is she taking a symbol of an old life to a new one
25 x 28 x 2

Woman's work
24 x 20 x 1
nurses' aid apron, found objects, acrylic paint on canvas
Ballet Shoes In My Closet
crocheted wire, ballet shoes, acrylic paint on canvas
26 x 24 x 3
vintige crocheted purse, hankie and glove, acrylic paint on canvas
20 x 24 x 3