Bonnie Meltzer
very mixed media
. . . . .

In this series Meltzer taps the personal stories we have about out clothes. Often they are iconic garments that people associate with certain jobs, events or stages of life. Sometimes there is text which is like a diary entry.
Scroll right to see all the found object and crocheted wire sculpture.

crocheted wire sculpture
20th Century Cups
crocheted wire and found objects
16 x 32 x 5

This piece is one that uses no armature but is self supporting-- the texture is the structure.

crocheted wire sculpture
Prom Dress
beaded crocheted wire, found objects on painted wood
41 x 26 x 1

The text across the bottom says: "Inside I can still fit into my prom dress after all these years".

crocheted wire sculpture
Brownie Uniform
beaded crocheted wire, found objects on painted wood
27 x 24 x 3

The text across the bottom says: "Being a Brownie scout was the only time I looked like everybody else. I wished that the uniform wasn't brown and was covered in beads or has some lace".

digital photography and paint sculpture
digital photography, found objects and crocheted wire on painted wood
left and right panels 57 x 19 x 3 each center panel 57 x 33 x 3

Made for " Sustaining Change on the American Farm", Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, Washington. Twelve artists, paired with twelve farmers, visited their respective farms then constructed artworks about sustainable agriculture
This artwork is available for exhibition and sale.

crocheted wire and cello sculpture
Electronic Band Uniform
crocheted wire and computer parts on collaged and painted cello
30 x 16 x 3
found object and collage sculpture
Travel Skirt
crocheted wire, maps, found objects on painted and collaged wood
17 x 15 x 1